ECHO’s Fleet Discount Program

Fleet discounts are a savvy way to take advantage of an equipment line’s desire for brand loyalty.  Whether you’re just starting out or simply updating your fleet, buying into a discount program can net you impressive savings that can help your business grow.  ECHO has recently updated its fleet program – you can now reap the benefits by purchasing any combination of ECHO and Shindaiwa equipment, including attachments and accessories.

Substantial discounts, “no-hassle” financing and a low entry level are just a few of the perks of this program.  A purchase of $2,500 gets you Gold Program discounts and a purchase of $5,000 or more gets you in the top Platinum Program for even greater discounts.  The discounts apply for 12 months so come in and start saving!  Contact our sales department for more information.  We’ll be glad to help!

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