Don’t Forget to Leverage JULIE Services

Know what’s below before you dig.

Let’s catch up with JULIE. JULIE basically has services that indicate where you can dig. Wondering who would call JULIE? The excavator doing the digging would call JULIE with the locate request information, that would be a personal representative or an employee of the company engaging in the excavation activity.

You’ll want to contact JULIE before any digging project; it’s Illinois law. A few examples of projects where a contact is required on the JULIE website include:

  • Landscaping
  • Installing Trees or Shrubs
  • Adding Room Additions

You can contact JULIE by calling 8-1-1 or enter a request online. After your interaction with JULIE, a representative from each member utility company should either mark the underground lines or let you know that you can dig. You can use Remote Ticket Entry too if you’re a frequent user.

Working with JULIE can help prevent injury and avoid damage. More details are on the JULIE website about these important topics. Happy Digging.


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