Custom Cabinets for your Utility Vehicle (VIDEO)

We’re always looking for ways to customize equipment so it fits a customer’s need.  We want you to feel like your machine is perfectly tailored to your application, whether that means additional hydraulic power or a 4WD option, or something as simple as an air-conditioned cab.  No option or accessory is too small or trivial.

Just recently we were introduced to a line of cabinets for the Kubota RTV utility vehicle.  They’re totally customizable and have a rugged construction that you can tell is built to last.  And when we say customizable, we really mean it – we’re talking almost any shape, color or feature you can think of.  You can have a full-bed cabinet, a half one, a tall one or a short one.  You want tool drawers in yours?  No problem.  Glass doors so you can see while backing up?  You got it.  It can even be painted to match any utility vehicle color (for those who haven’t tried a Kubota yet ;))  We had two different styles in our shop recently, so we thought we’d show you the finer points of them.  So please, take a peek and decide how you want your cabinet built:

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