Parts Special: Safety Apparel Up to 10% Off Starts Now!

Construction-green: always looks sharp! 

For August, we’ve got serious discounts on essential safety-apparel: everything from simple reflector vests, to cozy and comfy parkas. Road crews, maintenance teams, and emergency personnel need to be comfortable AND visible, so here at Martin Implement we’re doing our part to make sure you’ve got your crew covered. If you buy now you’ll save 5% on any order, and if you spend over $130 you’ll save 10%.

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No Interest for 120 Days on CNH Parts & Related Service Transactions

There’s a new CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus special going on from July 7th through July 20th. No Interest for 120 Days on qualifying purchases of $750 of new CNH Industrial Genuine or REMAN Parts and related service purchases made using your CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus account.

The Productivity Plus account provides a separate line of credit for all your parts, service, attachment and accessory needs at our shops. Since the account is only valid at participating CNH dealerships, your fraud exposure is minimal as compared to traditional credit cards. If don’t have a Productivity Plus account yet click here to apply Continue reading

Parts Special: 20% OFF Transport Safety Equipment

Strap it down! Martin has all the straps chains and binders you need at 20% off!

Hold on loosely? NO WAY!!

An unsecured load creates an unnecessary and HUGE risk.  When you’re hauling big equipment, you need extra-strong straps, chains and binders to do their job even when the going gets rough. Bottom line: anytime you’re securing cargo, what you want to do is prepare for the worst-case scenario: it’s the only way to travel.  

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Operations Update


We want to update you on the changes we’ve made in our operations in order to continue to provide parts, service, and equipment while restrictions are being implemented in a growing number of communities to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

Our Locations Have Limited Access
But we are ready to serve you safely

We have limited showroom access for parts and rental transactions. Please be mindful to wear a face covering upon entering the dealership. Entry into our equipment yard for service and rental drop-offs and pick-ups and other deliveries will be controlled through a request either by phone or stopping into our showroom. Detailed options for each department are provided below. We recommend calling ahead whenever possible for the fastest response time.

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Are You Sitting Down For This? Replacement Seats are 15% Off Thru June!

When to replace operator's seat
OKAY MAYBE NOT THIS OLD…But if your operators need a new “parking 
spot,” for their keesters, we’ve got you covered! (And the seats are too!)

Seats are a lot like shoes: you never really notice that the pair you’re wearing has gone from “broken in” to “just plain broke.” until you finally slip into that comfy new pair. Or…sit on a completely new, full padded replacement seat. The only difference is: with today’s modern seats and cushioning material, unlike shoes, new seats FEEL GREAT RIGHT AWAY.

We have an inventory of common seats for just about any piece of equipment, and we can also order any special request you may have. We take seats seriously, because we know from our own personal experience just how much the operator’s comfort matters. 

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New Hyundai Hi Care Adds To Long-Popular Hi Mate Service

Hard to believe it could get better!  But it is easy to see why Hyundai has always been a leader in equipment service innovations.  Their new Hi CARE service augments the already crowd-pleasing Hi MATE remote management application in some very significant ways.

Hyundai Hi CARE is a telematics system providing aftermarket support — a feature-rich platform that enables factory, dealer service teams, and fleet managers to provide remote support to their customers.  And with Hi Mate, they’ve considerably beefed up the information available, and connected service capabilities…

Hi Care begins with all the amazing features of the Hi MATE system

  • GPS-Satellite Technology — real time, up-to-date machine location information
  • Operating History — daily reports on engine hours, remaining fuel, and key on/off time
  • Geo-Fencing — enables you to protect equipment from theft with a virtual fence and a (very) real alarm
  • Fuel Level Monitoring — end downtime with advance notice of refueling needs

Hi Care then adds integrated information from several other sources: such as warranty data, oil analysis program results, and additional engine-function reports (see below).  And it’s all managed by Hyundai at the Hi CARE Center, within their corporate offices — using the Cloud, and bringing together data through Hyundai’s collaboration with Cummins. 

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Honda Extends Warranty Up to SIX YEARS on Select Lawnmowers for Homeowners!

Buy a Honda homeowner model mower at Martin Implement and receive a One Year Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty. (One year in addition to the standard warranties.) That means more superb grass cutting with great Honda homeowner models!  

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Through April: 20% OFF New Holland’s Complete Filter Sets and 10% OFF Bulk Oil and Grease from New Holland

Need filters? We got ’em! New Holland sets for 20% off!
New Holland Grease and Oil too! 10% off!

“April is the cruelest month.” Not sure who said that…but for baseball fans and your equipment, there’s no doubt about it!  …Especially your equipment, if you’ve been pushing hard through these long winter months. With the days stretching out even longer now, your wheel loaders and skid steers are really feeling the brunt of it. So the best thing you can do is give them what they’re thirsty for: new oil, new grease, and new filters. Ahhhhh… Nothing like a tall glass of 10W30! Your machines need it, so you need it: that’s why we’re putting New Holland Oil Filter Sets, and Bulk Oil and Grease on sale here at Martin Implement.

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We’re Pleased to Introduce Marty Morris as our South Elgin Service Manager!

A desire to be at the top of his profession has always been a driving force for Marty. That desire initially manifested itself when he rose through the ranks to become an ASE Certified Master Technician. From there, he progressed to managing a number of service departments where he relished the opportunity to lead and mentor others. Throughout his career, Marty has been focused on building personable customer relationships while delivering prompt service and follow through. He’s looking forward to meeting you with and being the go-to guy for all of your service needs. He can be reached at (630) 883-3321 or by email at

Through September: 20% OFF New Holland’s Complete Filter Sets and 10% OFF Bulk Oil and Grease from New Holland

Need filters? We got ’em! New Holland sets for 20% off!
New Holland Grease and Oil too! 10% off!

It’s true! We’re having a sale, on complete sets of New Holland Filters20% off from September 1 through September 30, 2019.  If you’re running a New Holland skid steer, track loader, backhoe, wheel loader, excavator, or tractor, we have the filters you need to keep its well-tuned innards safe and cool and protected from all the grit and grime out here in the real world.  This sale could be a sign that now is the time for you to STOCK UP and be ready to run ’em strong through the rest of the year. 

RIght? What else could it mean?

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