Ask The Experts: How Do I Determine When I Need To Replace My Skid Steer Tires?

Ask the Experts is a recurring segment where we share expert advice from our professional staff. In our latest segment, we address how to determine when your skid steer tires are in need of replacement.

One of the key components for maximizing machine productivity is making sure that adequate traction is maintained when equipment is put to use. Job conditions are often varied; on some days wet and muddy conditions may be present, while in others sloping terrain comes into play. If you’re using your equipment for snow plowing, then surface ice and snowdrifts become a challenge. Just because your tires are wearing thin doesn’t mean your patience has to as well!

The key is being preemptive by making regular visual inspections of your tires before putting your equipment out on the jobsite. As you’ll gather by watching the video, this is an easy practice to incorporate as part of your regular machine inspections. If you’ve ever had to swap out or repair a machine that has a tire go flat or is underperforming for the conditions, then you’ll certainly be glad to have done this beforehand.

At Martin Implement, we carry an extensive inventory of skid steer and tractor tires at a variety of price points. You can contact our parts department here for a prompt response for all your equipment maintenance needs.

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