Adieu Monsieur Guimond!

It’s likely not a coincidence that a person with French ancestry, like Greg Guimond, would wind up settling in the town of Bourbonnais. And so perhaps it was also preordained that Greg’s travels would lead him to a long and prosperous career at Martin Implement Sales. Greg found his calling in equipment parts, not long out of high school. After cutting his teeth in the business with local Massey Ferguson and Ford dealers, Greg came north to Orland Park in 1984 to be part of the Martin Implement team. Within six years, he was running the show as Parts Manager for the dealership.

As Greg can attest, there’s been an abundance of changes in the equipment parts business since that time. The dealership’s first business system was installed in 1989; prior to that inventory was tracked by catalog cards and parts diagrams were sourced through manuals or microfiche. A lot of product knowledge was stored upstairs (in the cranial cavity, that is) seeing how we were still a ways off from the age of bits and bytes. To this day, Greg very likely could rattle off parts numbers for certain vintage tractors that were manufactured a half century ago if asked.

Something that’s remained remarkably consistent over time though is Greg’s personality. Dedicated and eager to please have never been in short supply for Greg, just like the inventory he’s so fondly managed. So while his wife, kids and grandchildren will be the most frequent recipients of his wisdom now, there will always be a part of Greg’s outlook that endures at Martin Implement.

May your joie de vivre be endless, our forever friend!

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