All You Need to Know on Replacement Chains for Chain Saws

Echo-USA CS450 chain saw

New innovations in chains are making saws more efficient than ever

There are a lot of innovations in chain saws today that aren’t being used by industry professionals – especially when it comes to chains.  That’s what we gathered from a recent article in the July 2013 issue of Tree Care Industry Magazine (a great resource for anyone in the tree biz).  The story, Today’s Saw Chains Are a Far Cry from Granddad’s, covered all the ins and outs of modern chains, and as a dealer of both Stihl and Echo brand chain saws, we thought it would be nice to share.

[View the full article on page 36 of their digital publication HERE]

Saw chains are the most important and often the most overlooked piece of your chain saw.  Sure, engine power matters, but it’s the chain that meets the wood.  As a result, picking the right chain (based on size, brand and style) is extremely important.  First off, don’t buy cheap imitations.  Some saw brands make their own chain and companies like Oregon are well established and respected for their quality.  Getting a well-made chain that fits right will improve safety and performance.

chain saw teeth

Choosing the right chain for your saw will increase safety and productivity

You also have some choice on the cutter type, and there is some debate on which is best.  The newer style semi-chiseled chain is more rounded than the common chisel-type, which has led some old school thinkers to question its muscle.  The manufacturers in the article stress that while the tried and true chisel chain works great for the toughest jobs, it’s not necessarily better for all applications.  Many folks think that putting a more aggressive chain will increase their output, but in truth that chain could increase kickback and put the operator at risk of injury.  The new semi-chisel chains have come a long way and cut just as well as the old-style in most applications.

That’s just a small portion of the article, which goes into a lot more detail on what to look for in chains, how to maintain them (keep them sharp!) and more on the new technologies out there.  So give it a read if you’re in the market for a chain saw or have an old one you need to maintain.  We carry Stihl and Echo, two of the best brands out there, so if you need any help just give us a call!

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