We’ve Got Water Pumps!

Stock 36406 Wacker Water Pump at Martin Implement

A Wacker pump will bail you out – rent one today

Rain, rain. It’s great for the grass, but the lawn doesn’t look too good if it’s underwater now does it? And that’s not even mentioning your basement or job site! If you’re dealing with flooding, we can help you out with our inventory of water and trash pumps. We’ve got units for rent and for sale in sizes ranging from 1 inch up to 4 inch. Our pumps have served our rental fleet through many storms so you can count on it to bail you out.

In addition to our Wacker pumps we’ve got Honda brand pumps as well – from the 1 inch WX10 model up to the 3 inch WB30. We’ve got these for sale and for rent as well.

So try to stay dry out there, but if you’re fighting a flood give us a call!

Winning Numbers Announced in New Holland Giveaway

New Holland combination roll cabinet & top chest

Are YOU a winner? Check your parts catalog.

Step right up, step right up and find out if you’re a winner!  New Holland just released the winning codes for their Ready Check Maintenance giveaway, which means you could be the winner of a brand new tool chest with a top cabinet!  In every 2013 retail parts catalog there’s an insert with a six-digit code that will decide if you’re a winner.  Here are the winning codes:

The Grand Prize Winner: 610221

10 First Place Prize Winners: 610663, 611105, 611547, 611989, 612431, 612873, 613315, 613757, 614199, 614641

First place winners get their choice of a New Holland generator, trash pump or pressure washer.  If your code matches ANY of the ones above you’re a winner!  Contact your closest New Holland dealer and get to celebrating!  Close to us?  Contact us at any of our three Chicagoland locations. Continue reading