Rent It: Finn Bark Blowers

Here comes spring!  Well…almost. March is in the 10 day forecast so we’re getting set for landscape season and that means filling orders for bark blower rentals.  We’ve carried Finn bark blowers for years and we just keep adding more and more of them.  The BB302 is our most popular bark blower, but last year Finn introduced the BB5-Series with a larger hopper capacity and a beefed up design, which has been great for customers looking to take on larger installations. Continue reading

Rent It: Scalper 77C Screening Equipment (VIDEO)

Looking for an easy way to screen aggregates? The Scalper 77C from Screen Machine is a cost-effective way to turn waste into usable material. Buying one is a great investment if you have a lot of material, but it’s also a great rental machine for single projects or occasional clean up work. The highly transportable unit has a dual hitch that hooks up to a semi or a tandem axle truck so you can use it in your yard or out on the job site.  Want to see more? Check out the screening machine in action: Continue reading

Rent It: 3-Point Seeders

Late Summer / early Fall is the best time of year to overseed your lawn.  It’s a time when the heat cools off, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage seed germination.  Take a look at your lawn – is it looking as full as you’d like it to?  Not everyone needs to overseed, as we discussed in our article on the finer points of overseeding.  In fact, you may only need to overseed your lawn once every few years.  With this extra-hot Summer, though, more and more people are looking to give their lawn a little extra care. Continue reading

Mine-X Air-Purifier Mufflers

Working indoors with heavy machinery requires extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of those working in the area.  Adding a purifier muffler to a machine can be the perfect solution to that problem.  Never used a purifier muffler before?  Here’s the rundown:

How a DCL Muffler Works

A Mine-X muffler converts toxic chemicals into Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor

Continue reading

Rent It: Kubota Mini-Excavators

Kubota Mini-ExcavatorWe just added two brand new Kubota mini-excavators to the rental fleet!  Now you can rent a low-hour KX057 or KX41-3 at our affordable rental rates.  Kubota excavators are some of the most reliable and easy-to-use on the market, so talk to our rental department and find out for yourself! Continue reading

Rent It: FINN Hydroseeders (VIDEO)

‘Tis the season for SEEDING!  Skip the sod and dry-seeding this year and try out a FINN hydroseeder!  Compared to hydroseeding, sod can be expensive and dry-seeding is less effective, so why not try out one of FINN’s impressive models?   Continue reading

Rent It: Hydraulic Excavator Thumbs

Hydraulic Excavator ThumbA hydraulic thumb is a great way to increase the control and capacity of your excavator by allowing you to clamp down on your bucket load.  That control lets you take on larger material that doesn’t fit perfectly in an excavator bucket, making it a great tool for removal of large rocks, thick brush and more.   Continue reading