Ask The Experts: How to Properly Load & Secure Equipment for Transport

Ask the Experts is a recurring segment where we share expert advice from our professional staff. In our latest Ask the Experts segment, we go over how to properly load & secure equipment for transport:

  • Strategies for loading onto a trailer
  • Positioning equipment for proper load distribution
  • Selecting the correct gear for securing the load

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Bring Your Machine In for Service and Get 25% OFF a Replacement Rental

Orland Park’s Rental Department (Cathy Lewis & Bob Novak)

How many machines do you have out in the field that you KNOW need maintenance? It happens all the time – when a job comes up you just can’t afford to be down a machine.  It’s understandable, but you know in the back of your mind you’re pushing your luck by skipping scheduled maintenance, or worse, obvious repair needs. That’s why our Rental and Service Departments have teamed up to offer a 25% discount on a replacement rental while your machine is in our shop! Continue reading

Keep Your Equipment Running in Top Condition With Our Service Department (Video)

You can count on Martin Implement to help keep your equipment running in top condition with expedient parts procurement and exceptional service. Did you know our esteemed service department offers repair and maintenance for all makes and models by a staff of certified technicians?

Our Latest Master Tech Certification News

Our certified technicians receive extensive training from our manufacturers, and that allows them to work on any equipment we sell. Steve Karsten, a certified technician at our South Elgin branch, recently nailed the rigorous New Holland Master Tech training, adding to his already deep range of technical skills. He’s now earned the Master Tech title in the areas of heavy equipment and wheel loaders. Give a shout out to Steve and our esteemed service team for this accomplishment!

5 Most Commonly Ignored Wheel Loader and Excavator Maintenance Tips

To do list socialWe like lists. They’re quick reads and the information in them is organized so it’s easy to process and remember. This list of five most commonly ignored wheel loader and excavator maintenance tips is excellent. Consider including these on your contractor list of maintenance tips right away. The consequences of ignoring them can hit you in a number of ways—like downtime, lost productivity, lost revenue and unexpected costs.


Wheel Loader Maintenance Tips

  1. Tires and wheels — Checking tire air pressure and missing lug nuts should be part of your wheel loader operator’s daily routine. Check the angle of wheels compared to axles, as excessive lean can be an indication of worn or 
damaged wheel bearings.
  2. Drive shaft —Check the drive shaft U-joint straps and retaining bolts, along with any carrier bearings, for 
misalignment or lack of lubrication. Poorly maintained driveline 
components can lead to costly repairs.
  3. Radiator —Make sure the radiator is clean of buildup to avoid engine 
overheating in warmer months. Any coolant leak or hydraulic/transmission leak near the radiator can lead to excessive buildup of dirt on the radiator fins, which restricts or blocks airflow, causing an overheat condition that can damage the engine and other components.
  4. Transmission oil levels —Check levels regularly and be careful not to 
overfill. Overfilling the transmission can 
actually cause it to overheat during heavy-use conditions.
  5. Bucket  —Make sure to regularly check bucket edges and flip when needed. Not only will this extend the life of the bucket cutting edge, but it will reduce the effort needed as the machine drives into material to fill the bucket.

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You Could Be The Lucky Winner Of Our Tool Box Giveaway!

We have a new promotion going on, and we think you’ll like it. The promotion gives you an opportunity to win a New Holland branded toolbox when you have a $99 maintenance inspection performed by our service department. And it’s not just any toolbox, but a combo roll cabinet and top chest made of heavy-duty steel.

For every $99 Maintenance Inspection you have performed by our Service Department between December 1, 2015, thru March 31, 2016, you earn one chance in our prize drawing. To request an inspection click hereContinue reading

Meet The Martins: Jerry McIntosh

Meet the Martins is a chance for our friends and customers to get to know our company a little better.  It serves as a means of putting a face to our organization. In this segment, we’ll head over to our parts department and meet Jerry McIntosh.

Jerry came aboard with Martin Implement at our South Elgin branch in 2010, following five years spent working for the Payline West dealership. This decade-long tenure in equipment parts has positioned Jerry as a go-to-guy behind the counter. His easy going personality resonates with customers, who not only appreciate his resourcefulness but also enjoy the friendly manner in which they’re treated.


What do you enjoy the most about Martin Implement? The challenge; you never know what the next phone call or customer at the counter will bring.

What new piece of equipment have you recently had to source parts for? This may not be so unique, but I do like working with our Hyundai line. The parts are easy to look up and you can check availability and order right from the site.

What product would you recommend that most customers aren’t aware of? Poly edges for snow plows. The poly edges we carry are a universal fit. They’ll work on almost any snow plow in the market.

Find out how you compare to Jerry on his BuzzFeed quiz of choice: 

Flay or Nay?

Easy $50 in Statement Credit Promo from CNH Capital for New Accounts

money-181883_1920There’s a new CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus promo that’s on right now for you. Open a new Productivity Plus account between August 1st and October 31st, 2015, and then spend the minimum in qualifying purchases using the card within 30 days, and you’ll get a $50 statement credit.

You can make the minimum, $1,250, in a single transaction or make multiple purchases that add up to $1,250 or more. Once you hit the minimum within the 30-day window, the $50 credit will be on its way. Any purchase made using the new account within the qualifying dates window is an eligible purchase (non-CNH parts and rentals too). You can combine this with other Productivity Plus promos, which you’ll find CNH often has. It’s easy and the application form is right here.

* Transaction date must correspond with sales invoice date
* Purchase transactions must occur within 30 days of account opening

Tech Tip: Battery Testing & Maintenance

Load testing a skid steer loader battery

A load test is a simple way to check if you need a new battery

Battery maintenance is pretty simple stuff if you know what you’re doing, and a few simple practices and tests will help keep your machine running at full power for as long as possible.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your battery terminals are clean and clear of corrosion, which can negatively impact a battery’s performance. Add it to the list of routine maintenance you do for your machine to keep up with it. If you suspect your battery is defective, then a load test can quickly tell you if it needs replacement. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our how-to video.

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