Ready, Check, Maintenance!

Now’s a good time to check and maintain your equipment after a long season out there. And bonus: if you bring your equipment in now, you can take advantage of special financing and extended parts warranties from our service department. That’s because of the Ready Check Maintenance Event, going on now.  Continue reading

Tech Tip: DEF Storage & Handling Recommendations

def-pick-up-truck-22DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is a consumable like diesel fuel. DEF is used on engines designed for it, ones with enough horsepower that are new enough as deemed by EPA, typically Tier 4 engines. Wheel loaders, pick-up trucks, skid steers and the like are machines that might use DEF.

DEF should be checked and filled when you fuel. Our article DEF – Everything You Need to Know gives you more details on it. We’ll give you the ins and outs of the storage and handling of it here.

DEF has a typical shelf life of 6 months to a year, but for DEF to stay in a useable condition within that window, you need to store it the right way. When your engine is in DEF danger, you’ll likely see a warning light with an error code indicating poor quality DEF is in the system. To help avoid bad DEF: Continue reading

Buying REMAN Parts for Constuction Equipment

CNH Reman Logo

Buy smart. Buy REMAN.

When is buying reman parts a good idea?  If you buy from a trusted source, the answer is always.  We get our remanufactured parts from CNH, which means they’re built by the same people who make your machine.  Our parts are reliable, too, because reman isn’t the same as aftermarket or re-used parts: these pumps, starters and engines are rebuilt using new parts PLUS most items come with a 12 month warranty (just to put you even more at ease).

What’s the best part about reman, though? Continue reading

New Holland Expands Finance Offer on Attachments

Take your pick! Grapples, rakes, brooms, trenchers and more!

Last week, we announced New Holland’s latest offer: no payments, no interest for 90 days on attachments.  Well, we should have waited since they just announced another offer that allows customers to get up to 120 days without payments or interest! Continue reading

It’s Back! 20% OFF a Complete Set of New Holland Filters

complete set of New Holland oil and air filters

New Holland Filter Set © CNH Media Collective

Back by popular demand!  We ran this special back in October and this time we decided to run it for TWO whole months!  From now until March 31st, 2013 you can get 20% OFF a complete set of New Holland filters from our Parts Department. Continue reading

Tech Tips: The Case AGAINST Cleaning Air Filters

Cleaning your own air filters can be a savvy way to save money while extending the life of the filter.  The problem is, most common cleaning practices can cause damage to the filter seals, end caps, and the filter media itself.  Working with a damaged air filter is a quick way to do greater damage to your engine, and when you think about how much that might cost, suddenly the cost of a new filter seems pretty small, right? Continue reading

HUGE Cash Discounts Available on Kobelco Excavator Stock

Remember those 4th quarter Kobelco incentives we wrote about in October?  The 0% for 60 months with no down payment?  The 3-year / 3,000 hour Premier Protection Plan?  The $2,000 CNH Rewards Card?  Well, it looks like Kobelco decided that wasn’t enough. Continue reading

Tech Tips: Avoid Cavitation with Coolant Conditioner

Did you just read that headline and say to yourself, cavi-whatnow?  

See the pit holes? Cavitation is bad news.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one – there are lots of machinery owners out there who don’t know that their engine might be at risk of cavitation. Continue reading