STIHL Dealer Days 2019 Special Offers

A Stihl FSA56 Trimmer eating its lunch! Click here to learn more about Stihl.

The MS 170 is a lightweight gas powered chainsaw designed for woodcutting tasks around the home: perfect for cutting or trimming small trees, firewood, or storm clean up. It’s usually $179.95 — Save $20: now just $159.95!

Ideal for home, farm and light professional use, the STIHL FS 70 R trimmer features a straight shaft and loop handle for maneuverability. With a low-emission, fuel-efficient engine, this professional-grade grass trimmer also features a semi-automatic choke to help prevent flooding. Nice. …Was $279.95. Now just $259.95!

Designed for homeowner use, the HS 45 is available with an 18″, dual-reciprocating, double-sided blade, with an integrated cutter guard. The high-torque engine adds power without excess weight. Pro-features include a heavy-duty gearbox and a large front handle for multi-position cutting. This beefy hedge trimmer is usually $299.95 Save $50…NOW $249.95!

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Top 4 Tips for Storing Outdoor Power Equipment During Winter

This time of year get’s us thinking about winter storage.  If you’ve got lawn equipment like a mower or 2-cycle hand tools you need to winterize your equipment before storing it.  A few simple steps will go a long way to making sure your equipment is ready to roll next spring.  Here are some tips from our in-shop experts:

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Chain Saw Safety Tips from TCI Magazine

Echo timber wolf chain saw

Many new safety features come standard on today’s saws.

It’s time to breakout the lawn and tree equipment that’s been hibernating in your garage the past six months. All those pieces you forgot about this winter – mowers, trimmers, chain saws – need to be unthawed and prepped for the upcoming season. Now is also a great time to review safety measures for operating equipment. It’s good practice to go over these each year because no matter how much experience you have equipment features change all the time and it’s just not worth the risk of injury to you or your operators.

Tree Care Industry Magazine has an article in this month’s issue on chain saw safety, which any saw operator knows is a number one priority. Chain saws are dangerous things in the hands of an inexperienced operator so they’ve got a few tips to remember next time you fire up your saw. The article covers the essentials: kickback, proper operating and starting techniques and a review of newer safety features that come standard on saws. It’s good stuff so check it out:

Read the full article on page 14 of TCI’s digital mag here.

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All You Need to Know on Replacement Chains for Chain Saws

Echo-USA CS450 chain saw

New innovations in chains are making saws more efficient than ever

There are a lot of innovations in chain saws today that aren’t being used by industry professionals – especially when it comes to chains.  That’s what we gathered from a recent article in the July 2013 issue of Tree Care Industry Magazine (a great resource for anyone in the tree biz).  The story, Today’s Saw Chains Are a Far Cry from Granddad’s, covered all the ins and outs of modern chains, and as a dealer of both Stihl and Echo brand chain saws, we thought it would be nice to share. Continue reading

Just In: The ECHO CS590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw

The CS590 Timber Wolf: ECHO’s newest addition

It’s brand new on our shelf as of yesterday, and here’s a peek at it.  The CS590 Timber Wolf chain saw from ECHO hits the sweet spot for professional contractors.  What they’ve tried to do is make a saw that’s tough, easy to use and affordable, and we think they hit the mark. Continue reading

STIHL Dealer Days $1,000 Giveaway!

STIHL’s Dealer Day’s Event includes a $1,000 Sweepstakes

STIHL launched a product sweepstakes last week where 100 winners will receive a $1,000 certificate good towards the purchase of STIHL equipment and accessories. Continue reading

ECHO’s Fleet Discount Program

Fleet discounts are a savvy way to take advantage of an equipment line’s desire for brand loyalty.  Whether you’re just starting out or simply updating your fleet, buying into a discount program can net you impressive savings that can help your business grow.  ECHO has recently updated its fleet program – you can now reap the benefits by purchasing any combination of ECHO and Shindaiwa equipment, including attachments and accessories. Continue reading