Happy Trails Andy Novak (the Video)

It’s not often for a business to be able to share their success with third generation family members. And yet, as Martin Implement celebrates its 70th year of operation, it seems that this sort of thing is almost second nature. That’s why we’re a little saddened to see Andy Novak depart our ranks. Like Tom, his father, and Art, his grandfather, Andy got his first taste of Martin Implement pushing a broom around the shop over summer school break. Along with his twin, Wade, he kept everyone around here guessing when it came to determining who’s who.

Eventually, each of the brothers formed their own identity within the company. Andy spearheaded the introduction of our Toro compact equipment line by serving as the product specialist for four years. More recently, Andy put us on the map up north when he assumed the position of Wauconda branch manager. It’s because of his willingness to take on new challenges that we’re confident that Andy will continue to succeed as he moves forward with a new endeavor. He’s set to start a 9-month apprentice program in sustainable urban agriculture that’s run by the Windy City Harvest branch of Chicago Botanic Gardens.

It’s certainly indicative of Andy’s personality to dream big. While many of us just seek to feed our families, he’s thinking of how to better feed the world! We’ll miss you partner. Hope you come around to visit from time to time. And, oh yeah, don’t forget to bring the food if you do!


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