Rent It: Vermeer BC1500 Brush Chipper

How are your trees surviving this windy Spring so far?  In need of a quick way to get rid of brush on your job site?  Martin Implement has the answer to these problems –  the Vermeer BC1500 brush chipper!

125 horsepower brush chipperRecently added to our rental fleet (just over 100 hours at the moment), this chipper is powered by a 125 hp diesel engine allowing it to run through material up to 15 inches in diameter!  The large 45 gallon fuel tank lets you keep going longer between fill-ups (always a plus) and the SmartFeed delivery system, which monitors engine RPM and senses jams as they occur, automatically stops or reverses the rollers, keeping you and your equipment running smoothly.  The 30 inch feed table and the exclusive bottom feed stop bar system give the operator increased control and safety near the feed entrance.  The chipper weighs in at 6,820 lbs and is set up with pintle hitch for easy transportation.

Check out the chipper section of our rental page for the latest rental rates and contact information for our rental department!

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