Lease a Brand New Skid Steer on a Custom New Holland Snow Central Lease!

Right now is the time to include in your plan our Snow Central Leases because they are perfectly customized to fit a snow contractor’s revenue cycle. Too soon to think about snow? No way. Planning your equipment purchases now will help you forecast costs and give you a better bottom line projection for the snow season. We’ll give you the lowdown on our snow lease. The New Holland Snow Central Lease is structured around the snow plowing season, so those who qualify can get a brand new fully loaded skid steer loader. That’s a skid steer with a New Holland warranty, and you make only five payments per year for a total of five seasons. It’s 25 payments spread out over the course of five snow seasons; you pay in season. Like a three-year snow lease better? Want to add a snow plow or pusher? Optional equipment? No problem! Do you know what the best part is? You get to keep the machine year round! If you’re a full-service operation, you can use the skid steer during the spring and summer months and generate income without having to make any payments. That cash flow can help you grow your business, and it can help towards paying off the machine. For more information on our Snow Central Leases, you can contact any of our three Chicagoland locations. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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