Just In: The Toro 30 inch Stand-On Aerator (VIDEO)

It looks like Toro has introduced a game-changer, folks!  Their new 30 inch stand-on aerator is by far the fastest and most efficient way to aerate.  With a 7.5 mph travel speed this thing can tackle up to 2.1 acres per hour!  Imagine getting those results with a heavy walk-behind!  This aerator really flies, but it’s also very maneuverable.  It handles great on slopes and banks and has a zero-turn radius that’s crucial in tight spaces.  You might remember an earlier article we posted on the benefits of aeration.  Well, now you have even less reason to skip aerating this year because the job just got A LOT easier!

But enough talk.  Let’s let our Toro expert show you how great this new machine is: 

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