Cold Weather Starting Tips for Construction Equipment

It’s common for the Chicagoland area to experience periods of arctic weather each winter, so we’ll need to remember and take precautions to protect ourselves and our equipment from these elements. Just as you need an extra layer and hot coffee to get you started, a few easy steps will keep your equipment running smooth and happy even when the temps are crazy.

First off, even though engine block heaters are often optional when you’re purchasing equipment, don’t dismiss an engine block heater as a needless accessory. Plugging that heater in is often the simplest way to get the engine fired up in cold weather. In most cases, one can be added to the machine.

Newer engines will often come with built-in cold start support like glow plugs and heating grids, which make starting even easier. Our New Holland skid steer loaders have a timer on the operator panel that lets the driver know when it’s okay to fire the machine up. Battery heaters, fuel heaters and thinner oil are more options used for improved cold weather starting. As well, our service department recommends you use quality fuel and keep it clean and free of water. Use anti-gel additive with every tank of fuel.

Another point to take note of in regards to newer model equipment is to maintain an idle above 1500 RPM to ensure that the DPF filters will not clog and affect engine performance or potentially necessitate a costly repair.

If you’re having issues starting your machine and can’t diagnose the problem, we’ve got experts in our Service Department who will be glad to give you a hand. Give us a call at any of our three Chicagoland locations, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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