Stop Fuel Gelling with Winter Fuel Additive

Winter diesel fuel additive

Stop fuel gelling before it even starts with the right additive

Did you have trouble starting your machine this winter season? If you did then you probably already know all about diesel fuel additives. Extremely low temperatures aren’t too kind on engines and if you don’t take the right steps it can cause fuel gelling and fuel filter clogging, which is going to put you and your equipment at a stand still. Luckily adding a little bit of fuel supplement will go a long way.

Our fuel booster prevents gelling up to -40° F and is designed to reduce cold start time when temperatures drop below 30°.  It’s got additives to keep your system lubricated and contains anti-icing agents that protect the fuel filter. It’s simple and it’s effective in any diesel fuel – just check the directions on how much you need to add.

Stop in and pick up a bottle before the temperature dips again. You’ll thank yourself that next cold morning when your engine fires up no problem.

Missed the boat and your fuel is already gelled? We carry Diesel 911 which treats fuel that is already gelled and helps you get your gelled machine started.

If it’s below freezing, and you believe you have a gelled fuel issue or a fault code that refers to after treatment pops up, a quick, simple, cost-effective possible solution you might try is to install new fuel filters. Questions? We’re here to help.

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