Screening and Crushing Equipment Available at Martin Implement

We partner with Screen Machine Industries to bring your their screeners and crushers. That’s great news since they offer a full spectrum of American made screening equipment that’s perfect for landscapers and construction crews looking to buy or rent aggregate screeners or crushers. You can see all that they have to offer over on our website, but in the meantime take a closer look at these three machines:

Scalper 77C Screener

Screen Machine Industries Scalper 77C portable screening plant

The Scalper 77C

The Scalper line consists of portable screening plants that can handle rock, soil, concrete and debris with ease. The usable material that it churns out can save yard space and money by reducing the size of your pile and eliminating new material costs. They come in wheeled or track models and can be loaded with a large skid steer or wheel loader. Check out a video of our 77C in action (spoiler alert: it’s impressive).

Might II Trommel Shredder

Screen Machine Industries shredder trommel machine

The Might II

The Might II trommel is the most portable unit Screen Machine Industries offers, giving any landscaper the option of screening material on site. The trommel is most often loaded with a skid steer loader, which sends the material through a shredder to break up large pieces and then through a drum screener, which tumbles the material to produce usable material in one pile and waste in another. Adding a portable conveyor belt will give you increased ability for piling the material. Check out our video of the Might II in action on a project.

The 612T Trommel Screener

The 612T

The 612T is a track mounted unit designed to process large piles of material. The hopper handles 1 – 3 cubic yards worth of material at a time, so a front end loader is an ideal machine to use with it. The tracks are controlled by a wireless remote control which lets you windrow piles while screening with the side discharge conveyor belt, maximizing your stacking ability. The side conveyor is tall enough for direct truck loading (12′ 9″) and also folds up over the machine for transport. The screening drum is a 6′ x 12′, so say goodbye to that waste pile you’ve got sitting in your yard. Check out our video of the 612T in action on a job.

The Might II, the 612T and the Scalper 77C are available for sale or for rent call us at any of our locations. If you’d like a demo, we’ll be glad to make it happen!

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