Cold Weather Best Practices Checklist


The Midwest and the greater Chicago area has always been a great place to live if you like a REAL WINTER: snow, sleet, ice — and now and then, a truly epic cold-front.  Since so many of our customers are the folks everyone else turns to when the cold gets Arctic, we make sure at Martin Implement that we’re ready to serve our customers who are out on the front lines.

In that spirit, we thought it would be timely to share a few reminders as another Polar Express rolls into town:

FIRST AND FOREMOST: CALL US IF YOU NEED HELP. We’re open here at Martin Implement, and like the furnace repairman, we know that THIS is our customers’ hour of need. If we can be of help, remember that we have on-site service available 24/7.

KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT: A blizzard is a good time to catch up on a little reading, so it may make sense to review the cold-weather capabilities and precautions that will keep your equipment in service without unnecessary wear or damage. Our handy cold weather best practices checklist is right here — it also has our phone numbers.  

WARM THOSE ENGINES!  Newer engines often come with cold start support and heating grids to make starting as easy as possible.  See what standard and optional equipment comes into play for your machines when things get really cold. Engine block heaters, battery heaters, fuel heaters, and thinner oil can really help. If you have this equipment handy, make sure you review how to use it safely.  If you need these kinds of products, give us a call, and we’ll help you get what you need for your machine.

DON’T GET GELLY:Anti-gel additives for your fuel can be a great idea in super cold conditions. Our fuel booster prevents gelling up to -40° F and will reduce cold-start time whenever temperatures drop below 30°.  It has additives to keep your fuel system lubricated, and anti-icing agents to protect your fuel filter too. It’s simple and it’s effective in any diesel fuel – just check the directions on how much you need to add. When you have a chance, stop in and pick up a bottle before the temperature dips again (you know it will)!  …You’ll thank yourself when the next Vortex comes knocking at the door, and your machine is the one that just shrugs its shoulders and STARTS.

WAIT…YOU’RE ALREADY GELLY?When the weather map is nothing but purple, it can happen to any machine. We carry Diesel 911,which treats fuel that is already gelled, and helps you get your machine started. Also: when it’s below freezing, and you believe you have a gelled fuel issue, or a fault code that refers to fuel systems, often times, a quick, cost-effective solution is installing new fuel filters. If you think this might be an answer for you and you have questions, just remember, we’re here, ready to help.

TAKE IT SLOW OUT THERE:Engines are like people: even the toughest of them don’t like the deep cold very much. So make sure you have your hot cup of coffee when you climb aboard, and for your engine, keep the throttle very low, or even at an idle. Like your blood, cold oil runs thicker and slower than in the summer months, so it takes longer to reach its designated passages & ports.  This is especially true of turbocharged engines, since the turbo bearings also require lubrication. …So let your engine warm a bit before engaging in high-torque activities. And when you’re done with your work, make sure to bring everything back down to idle before shutting down for the day.  This goes for gas and diesel engines alike.  

Whether you’re the type who talks to your machines or not, you know that deep down they’re really just like you are: with a little TLC, they’re always rarin’ to go — whatever the conditions. That’s exactly how we hope to serve you, here at Martin Implement. So pamper your engine a bit this winter, and if you need us, we’ll do everything we can to help.


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