Just in: New Holland E37C Compact Excavator

The New Holland E37C Compact Excavator: it sparks joy! 

When you get down to the essentials for a “mini” excavator, the New Holland E37C is pretty much everything you could hope for. Compact footprint, plentiful power, impressive R-E-A-C-H, tight swing radius, and superior versatility. It’s all down to New Holland’s brilliant design and engineering, which manages to unite manageable size with impressive reserves of power. You’re also going to be ready to go on a variety of jobs right away: the dozer blade and auxiliary hydraulics come standard with this model.

Creep right up next to the building, the road, and the worksite: the E37C can get you there with an overall track width of 5 feet 9 inches, 15’9″ of transport length, and an overall height of 8’2″. Shoe width is just 12″, and track length is 7′. Tail swing radius is a tight 2′ 10″.  Tail overhang? O.O inches!

The compact footprint doesn’t mean you’re left digging with a bucket and spoon. Not at all: this machine has a very impressive wingspan. Maximum dig radius is 17′ 5″, and dig depth is a whopping 10’3″. The boom swings left to 75°and right to 50°.  There’s plenty of muscle too: bucket breakout force is 6,900 lbf.; dipperstick breakout force clocks in at 4,930 lbf.

At the heart of it all is a 24.4 horsepower, tier 4B engine, but given all this strength, the operating weight is a relatively modest 8300 lbs. (with cab).  

Comfortable operators are more productive, so the E37C’s cab is designed for great visibility, comfortable seating, ample operator space, and super-smooth controls. There are numerous thoughtful operational touches as well. For example, New Holland’s Auto Shift traveling system automatically downshifts when load increases to enhance travel torque on slopes, then shifts back up to secure a faster travel speed after the load decreases. There’s also an Auto Idle system that activates when operators aren’t using the operating levers, to improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine noise.

Last but in no way least: with the New Holland compacts like the E37C, you have high constant hydraulic flow, enabling the use of a variety of power-demanding attachments, like augers, compactors, and hammers. A hydraulic quick-coupler (optional) makes switching from job to job even easier.

JUST ADD YOURSELF (or your team!) to the feature list for this machine — and you’ll have new money-making power on your roster immediately. New Holland reliability, power, comfort and versatility, packed into a “mini” excavator with a max reach of 17.5 feet. See it, and you’ll believe it. Give us a shout and come have a look!

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