Put A Hyundai to Work! “8 Days A Week” Deal on Steel Track Excavators

Starting November 1st, when you rent any Hyundai steel track excavator from us, you’ll get 8 Days A Week. That’s right: one day’s additional use for every week the unit is rented*.

Guess you know it’s true: We supply clean, well-maintained, and recent models of Hyundai excavators throughout the Chicagoland area. From Chicago Heights to Arlington Heights, Willowbrook to Northbrook and beyond: if you’re digging it with a Hyundai, we’re right there with you.

And, to show you just how much we care: Martin Implement backs up your bargain Hyundai steel excavator rental with our experienced staff, providing time-saving and cost-efficient recommendations for all your job site equipment needs. With 8 Days A Week and the Martin Implement team on your side, who knows what you can accomplish!

As you know, these steel track excavators are not just any piece of equipment: Hyundai’s models are known for fast cycle speeds, impressive hydraulic power, and “tight-space-friendly,” precision control.

Check out all of our available Hyundai steel track models —you can view or download our rental catalog here. Or, contact our rental team today to reserve your machine. As always, the rental team will be glad to help you pick the perfect machine for your team, your job, and your site.

*The 8 Days A Week Deal runs through January 31st, 2019. Just think: what could you be diggin’ with one extra day, FREE?

Now’s the time to mop up with this deal…yeah?  Yeah…Yeah!

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