Save Now on New Holland Sectional Snow Pushers!

Save $750 on a sectional snow pusher and edge out the competition this snow season. Or get 6 months special financing. They’re called sectional snow pushers because of their individual moldboard sections. Each moldboard section is independent of the others, allowing each section to shift up and down and respond to uneven surfaces. The pusher is simple to operate. When you drop the pusher and go, it automatically adjusts and then continues to readjust to surface height, for exceptional traction, less drag, and max pushing power.

sectional-snow-puaher-sectionsWhen one hardened steel section trips over an obstacle, the rest of the sections remain close to the ground, scraping it clean. With spring-loaded trip edges and mechanical side panels, the pusher “trips” its way over curbs and obstacles. 8′, 10.5′ and 13′ models for skid steers and compact wheel loaders are available. Questions? We’re always here to help. Spec? They’re right here.

Offer runs from August 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018

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