2014 – 2015 Midwest Winter Snow Forecast


Accuweather is seeing a cold but less harsh winter for Chicago and the surrounding area. Image © Accuweather.com

On October 4th, the Chicagoland area received the 3rd earliest snow in history. We saw frost this weekend, and some of us had to throw on a couple of added layers to stay warm. That got us thinking about the winter snow forecasts for Chicago and the Midwest. If you’re in the snow biz you’ve been thinking about winter for a bit. Here are what some weather experts are thinking for the upcoming season predictions:

Accuweather sees several cold months planned for the Midwest, though not as extreme as last year and they show below normal snowfall.

The old fave Farmer’s Almanac sees stinging cold and normal precipitation. The long-range weather forecast through December sees snow in it.

This Weather Channel video indicates that this winter the chill looks to be more focused on the East Coast and Gulf Coast than the Midwest.

No matter what, we know you’ll want to be prepped, ready, equipped and quick to the draw to get out there and plow. If you’ve got any questions on snow equipment you can visit our website or give us a call at any of our three Chicagoland locations. After all this talk about snow we’re shivering, even though today it’s warm!

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