Bargains on Used Skid Steers and Snow Removal Equipment

Ed. Note: We’ve sold off most of our bargain skid steer loaders, but you can check our full inventory of used skids over on our website HERE.

Looking for a deal on snow removal equipment?  You might want to check out our selection of used snow plows and snow blowers.  If buying new isn’t important to you then these units can be a smart purchase.  Buying used from a trusted dealer is a great way to save money so take a look at what we’ve got in stock (click each unit for pricing and extra photos):

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The Snow Wolf Snow Plow Buyer’s Guide

Getting into commercial snow plowing this year?  Here’s your guide to Snow Wolf’s line of snow plows and accessories.  Click the links for more info on each product:

Snow Wolf Ultra-Series snow bladeSnow Wolf Ultra Snow Blades

Snow Wolf’s Ultra-Series blades come in sizes ranging from six feet up to ten with 35 degree hydraulic angling and a 9 inch trip edge that helps prevent false trips. The six inches of oscillation allow you to run smoothly over the contours of your surface. More information | VIDEO Continue reading

Snow Wolf Snow Tire Special!

Just last week we outlined some of the reasons you should switch to snow tires this Winter.  Well, here’s one more reason.

We’ve got a large inventory of Snow Wolf brand Wolf Paws that we’re offering at deep discounts in anticipation of the upcoming snow season.  Whether you’ve used snow tires before or not, this is a great chance to add them to your fleet at a low price point.  Combined with the fact that many of these tires saw little or no use last season (you remember that mild Winter last year, right?) and this is a can’t miss deal. Continue reading

Get a Grip: Wolf Paw Snow Tires from Snow Wolf

Snow Wolf Wolf Paws Snow Tires

Hmm…which one do you trust to handle snowy conditions?

It’s hard to imagine snow on the ground during these hot summer months, but like it or not, it’s time to start planning your snow strategy.  Fall is right around the corner which means Winter isn’t as far off as you might think.  So don’t wait until it’s too late – take the time now to do the research and discover what equipment is right for you.  That way you’ll be ready to rock when the first snow hits.  In order to help you in your decision-making, we’ll be highlighting some key snow equipment and answering any questions you might have on them.  Today, let’s talk about snow tires.  Specifically, Snow Wolf brand Wolf Paws. Continue reading