Parts Special: 20% OFF a Complete Set of New Holland Filters

Construction equipment filters

Get the full set and get money back © CNH Media Collective

April is here, and that means spring maintenance! Those wheel loaders and skid steers have run all winter, and you can be sure the filters took a beating. If you’ve kept up with the scheduled maintenance (and you wouldn’t skip on that now, would you?), then you know any extra winter hours put on the machine have bumped up the service schedule.

Lucky for you right now is the perfect time to stock up on replacement filters because for the month of April we’re knocking 20% OFF the price of a complete set of New Holland filters. This goes for any piece of New Holland equipment, so we’re talking skid steers, compact track loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, excavators – you name it! Get stocked, save money and get set for spring.

Offer expires April 30th, 2017.  Contact the store nearest you to order!

Rental Special: FREE Day of Rental on Mini-Excavators!

Kubota KX018

Kubota KX018 Excavator

Mini-excavators are an extremely popular rental item, and due to their popularity, our Rental Department has announced a special on mini-excavators! From right now until the end of December, rent a mini-excavator for one day and get the 2nd day FREE!*

Our Kubota and Hyundai brand excavators are top-notch – our landscaping and contracting customers can’t say a bad thing about them! Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, our range of sizes and brands (see eligible models below) will make finding the right machine for the job easy. Continue reading

Parts Special: 20% OFF a Complete Set of New Holland Filters

Construction equipment filters

Bulk up with the full set and save © CNH Media Collective

It’s nearly fall, and we’ve got at least one baseball team in contention. If we’re talking baseball playoffs, that means winter is on its way. So wouldn’t it be great to bulk up NOW on filters and get all you need to be set past fall? From NOW until September 30th, 2016 you can get 20% OFF a complete set of New Holland filters from our Parts Department. Having the whole set means you can cruise through scheduled maintenance without losing a step, just like one of our teams cruised through their season. And please, don’t take shortcuts with your filters, a down machine isn’t making you any money, and a broken machine is doing much worse than that. Continue reading

Rental Special: Bonus Day of Rental on Skid Steer Loaders

Get it done quicker with a skid steer loader. Get it done cheaper with our Rental Dept.

For the month of July and August we’re giving you an extra day of rental on a skid steer loader free of charge!* Take your pick from our fleet of  well maintained New Holland 200-Series or Kubota SSV-Series machines and get the added productivity you need to keep up during your busy season. Skid steers are like a multi-tool on the job site with attachments for any job you can think of. That reminds us – don’t forget we offer discounted rates on attachments if you rent multiple ones with a skid steer!

Contact our Rental Department to reserve a machine and don’t wait until the last minute on this deal because it’s a fave! Don’t miss the chance to boost productivity, make money and do it all for less cost than a regular rental.

Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program. Limit one rental per customer. Offer runs through 8/31/16. 

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Parts Special: 15% OFF Cold Weather Equipment Essentials

Washer fluid, anti-freeze, fuel additive, fuel line dryer, engine block heater

These basic additives are miracle workers when the temp drops

It’s back to work here in the parts department. If you have New Year’s resolutions on your list to save money and increase healthy habits, we’re making it easy for you, at least for your fleet.
In the parts department, we’re offering 15% OFF cold weather essentials. So stocking up now with the healthy stuff your machine needs is going to save you more than just the headache of a machine down – it’s going to save you cold hard cash. Continue reading

Ready, Check, Maintenance!

Now’s a good time to check and maintain your equipment after a long season out there. And bonus: if you bring your equipment in now, you can take advantage of special financing and extended parts warranties from our service department. That’s because of the Ready Check Maintenance Event, going on now.  Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% Discount on New Holland Oil

New Holland Ambra Mastergold Engine Oil

Want to nail down which oil is best for your machine? We’ve got options and a trained staff to help you get the good stuff.

Any equipment owner knows the importance of fresh oil for their machine. Oil is what makes your machine run smoothly at peak performance, so following up with scheduled oil changes is always critical. Through November, our Parts Department is helping equipment owners out by giving 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy 10 gallons or more. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF Equipment Seats

When to replace operator's seat

Keep your equipment and your operator happy with a new seat

Make sure you’re sitting down, folks because we’ve got big news – our seat special is BACK!

If what you’re sitting in is a ripped and soggy seat now is the perfect time to replace it because we’re taking 15% off any operator seat.  We keep a lot of common skid steer and tractor seats in stock but give us a call if you’ve got a special order for us and we’ll be happy to get you fixed up.

With all the time you spend in your machine you might as well give yourself the best experience possible.  Equipment operators are tough but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be uncomfortable so get rid of that busted seat and get yourself a new one while this sale lasts.

Offer ends 6/30/14

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Ready Check Maintenance Event and Giveaway!

New Holland's ready check maintenance event

Get your equipment ready for winter and keep your cash flow strong with New Holland’s Ready Check Maintenance event

Have you gotten your hands on the New Holland parts catalog yet? If you have then you could be a winner! This year New Holland is giving away 10 first place prizes and one grand prize to anyone with a winning code in the Winter 2013 catalog. All you have to do is bring in the catalog to any of our stores to find out if your code is a winner. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF Equipment Seats!

When to replace operator's seat

We carry replacement seats and can fill any special request order

This month we’re bringing back our seat special!  If you’ve got an old and busted seat on your tractor, mower or skid steer loader it’s time to consider replacing it.  Sitting in a shabby seat is uncomfortable and tiring for an operator, but it’s often overlooked when buying replacement parts!  Now there’s no excuse not to replace it because our Parts Department is offering 15% off new equipment seats!  We have an inventory of common seats and can also order any special requests so give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Hurry, though.  The offer only lasts through July 31, 2013!

Visit our store specials page for info on ALL of our current offers!