Product Spotlight: SnowWolf Ultra Snow Blower (Video)

We want to show you the SnowWolf Ultra snow-blower in action after one of our recent snowfalls. It’s on a New Holland L230 Skid Steer that’s equipped with SnowWolf WolfPaw tires. The snow-blower is part of a sweet suite of tools our customer uses to handle snow removal in the lots and pathways of their large corporate headquarters.

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Feeling Used? These SnowWolf Solutions are Made to Withstand the Wear

Looking for a deal on heavy duty snow removal equipment that will withstand the wear and tear out there? You should check out our selection of used SnowWolf equipment. If buying new isn’t important to you, then these units can be a smart buy. Take a look at some of what we’ve got in stock (click each unit for pricing and extra photos):

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Rent It: Trash and Water Pumps

Honda two inch water pump

Don’t count on a bucket to bail you out – get a water pump © Honda

This recent snow combined with higher temps has left us a little soggy today, and with rain in tomorrow’s forecast there’s potential for flooding. The frozen ground is going to have a hard time absorbing all that water so water pumps are going to be a life saver if that water finds its way into your job site (or basement).  We’ve got trusty water pumps in stock for sale and for rent with brands like Honda and Wacker, and they range in size from 1 to 4 inches so you’ve got options depending on the job size.

So try to stay dry out there, but if you’re fighting a flood give us a call!  For pump rental rates, head over to the rental page of our website.

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Honda Snow Blowers Send Snow Packing!

Skip the shovel this time around and get a Honda snow blower!

It’s a beautiful sight to see snow crews out working again – we just love seeing skid steers and wheel loaders out on the streets!  That said, we know not everyone needs big equipment to get their snow cleared.  That’s why Honda is a good bet for anyone who just wants to save the time and skip the back ache that comes with shoveling. Continue reading

Snow Wolf Ultra-Series Snow Blades

Snow Wolf Ultra-Series Snow BladeSnow Wolf makes some of the toughest and most innovative snow equipment on the roads today.  They’ve launched new product after new product that our customers just can’t get enough of.  We’ve worked with Snow Wolf for many years now and we really feel there’s nothing better out there in the snow market.  There’s just no competition when you look at the wide variety of blades and accessories they offer!  You might recall earlier when we covered their awesome Wolf Paw snow tires.  Today we’re going to look at the blades themselves. Continue reading

Get a Grip: WolfPaw Snow Tires from SnowWolf

Snow Wolf Wolf Paws Snow Tires

Hmm…which one do you trust to handle snowy conditions?

It’s hard to imagine snow on the ground during these hot summer months, but like it or not, it’s time to start planning your snow strategy.  Fall is right around the corner which means Winter isn’t as far off as you might think.  So don’t wait until it’s too late – take the time now to do the research and discover what equipment is right for you.  That way you’ll be ready to rock when the first snow hits.  In order to help you in your decision-making, we’ll be highlighting some key snow equipment and answering any questions you might have on them.  Today, let’s talk about snow tires.  Specifically, SnowWolf brand Wolf Paws. Continue reading