Parts Special: 10% OFF Complete Sets of Skid Steer Tires & Rubber Tracks!

Choose from high-quality tire and rubber track sets from our parts department to improve traction and performance on any make or model. Through August, they’re 10% off if you buy the full set.

The idea behind rubber tracks is that they increase traction while minimizing ground impact. The ample surface area means your machine’s weight is more evenly distributed, allowing for greater “flotation,”  which provides an advantage with challenging terrain. Also because of the greater weight disbursement, compact track loaders (and smaller utility loaders like the Toro Dingo) are good choices for landscape and construction work at existing homes.
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Ask The Experts: How Do I Determine When I Need To Replace My Skid Steer Tires?

Ask the Experts is a recurring segment where we share expert advice from our professional staff. In our latest Ask the Experts segment, we go over how you determine when you need to replace your skid steer tires.

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Time to Replace Worn Out Skid Steer Tires

Take a look at your skid steer tires.  How are they looking?  Was the winter cruel or kind to them?  Your tires are critical to your machine’s output, and if you’re running on bald tires then you’re not running as efficiently as you should be.  That’s why it might be time to consider a replacement set, and that’s where our parts guys come in. Continue reading