Used Equipment Spotlight: 2009 Kubota RTV1100 Utility Vehicle

We’re spotlighting for you this RTV1100 utility vehicle from Kubota for sale at Martin Implement. It’s our Used Equipment Spotlight, a recurring segment in our blog where we highlight featured items from our fleet of used inventory:

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Rent It: Kubota RTV1100 with Snow Blade

Kubota RTV100 with snow plow

Want to see more? Check out this machine in action HERE

Having trouble getting your hands on a good snow equipment rental?  You’re not alone.  The repeated winter storms have put a premium on skid steers, wheel loaders and utility vehicles so finding a quality machine is hard to do these days.  Lucky for you we have a Kubota RTV1100 that just became available for rent!

The RTV1100 is the perfect size for certain jobs.  Cities, schools and park districts love these machines, but just about anyone can find a use for it.  It seems like everyone who uses an RTV comes away from it with good things to say – they’re easy to use and built to take a beating.  The six foot blade we have on the unit is the perfect size for a utility vehicle and it’s controlled from the cab and features hydraulic angling and a rubber deflector that keeps that snow down.

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Get 0% for 60 Months with Kubota’s Too Great to Wait Event

Kubota RTV100 with snow plow

Get an RTV1100 this winter and get year round productivity

Kubota’s Too Great to Wait event is giving you the chance to own brand new Kubota equipment with no down payment and no interest for 60 months!* This offer kicked off this fall and runs through December 31, 2013 so here’s a chance to get that RTV you always wanted for pushing snow :). Continue reading

Used Equipment Spotlight: 2011 Kubota RTV1100 Utility Vehicle (VIDEO)

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment where we
highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Check out our 2011 RTV1100 utility vehicle, available for sale or for rent:

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Custom Cabinets for your Utility Vehicle (VIDEO)

We’re always looking for ways to customize equipment so it fits a customer’s need.  We want you to feel like your machine is perfectly tailored to your application, whether that means additional hydraulic power or a 4WD option, or something as simple as an air-conditioned cab.  No option or accessory is too small or trivial.

Just recently we were introduced to a line of cabinets for the Kubota RTV utility vehicle.  They’re totally customizable and have a rugged construction that you can tell is built to last.  And when we say customizable, we really mean it – we’re talking almost any shape, color or feature you can think of.  You can have a full-bed cabinet, a half one, a tall one or a short one.  You want tool drawers in yours?  No problem.  Glass doors so you can see while backing up?  You got it.  It can even be painted to match any utility vehicle color (for those who haven’t tried a Kubota yet ;))  We had two different styles in our shop recently, so we thought we’d show you the finer points of them.  So please, take a peek and decide how you want your cabinet built: