Parts Special: 15% OFF Equipment Seats!

If your old and busted seat feels like you’re sitting on pins and needles, ease your pain with our 15% off seat sale! Sitting in a shabby seat is uncomfortable and tiring for any operator, and for some, shabby = crabby. We have an inventory of common seats for just about any piece of equipment, and we can also order any special request. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF Mower Blades

Mower Blades_WPSo you’re ready for mowing season this year, for the month of March our parts department is knocking 15% OFF all mower blades we have in stock! Get new blades and get the cut your customers have come to expect. Not sure if your blades need replacing? Here are some handy guidelines for when to replace versus resharpen blades.

We carry blades for the majority of mower brands out there like Kubota, Scag, Grasshopper, and Honda so call our friendly parts folks, stop in for a visit or search our parts inventory online today!

Offer good from March 1st, 2017  through  March 31st, 2017.  Contact the store nearest you to order!

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Parts Special: 15% OFF Replacement Seats

When to replace operator's seat

Keep your equipment and your operator happy with a new seat

How’s the fall treating your seat? Hopefully it’s not torn and soggy or else it could be a long upcoming snow season. Even with a closed cab, seats break down from the snow you’re bringing in – you know what we mean if you’ve ever jumped into a wet operator’s seat! If you’ve been thinking about replacing your skid steer, tractor or mower seat now is the time to do it because this month we’re taking 15% OFF new equipment seats. Choose from our inventory of common skid steer and tractor seats or call us to place a special order. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF on New Holland Oil

oilgrease-05001Any equipment owner knows the importance of fresh oil for their machine. Oil is what makes your machine run smoothly at peak performance, so keeping up with scheduled oil changes is always critical. Through the month of November, our Parts Department is helping machine owners out by giving 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy at least 10 gallons. Continue reading

Parts Special: Safety Apparel Up to 10% Off Starts Now!

Majestic Safety Apparel Photo

The Safety Parka Keeps the Crew Warm, Dry and Seen on the Job.

This month we’ve got discounts on essential safety gear: this means everything from reflector vests all the way up to bomber jackets. It’s the time of year where we’re getting low light on the job even earlier. And maintenance crews and emergency personnel need to be visible, so don’t skip on safety. If you buy now you’ll save 5% on any order, and if you spend over $130 you save 10%. Continue reading

Parts Special: Save When You Buy Machine Grease in Bulk!

Case of New Holland Ambra high temperature grease tube

Grease is extremely vital to your machine. Give it the good stuff.

You like it, so we’ve brought it back! For August, we’re taking up to 15% OFF cases of grease. Grease is one of the most crucial tools for maintenance on your machine, and it’s what keeps all those joints and wear spots running smoothly. Unnecessary wear will lead to real damage over time and could lead you to an expensive repair bill if you’re not careful. Continue reading

Parts Special: 20% OFF Transport Safety Equipment

Construction equipment load binders and chains

Protect your investment with the proper tie-downs

Safety should always come first when transporting equipment to and from the job site. If you don’t properly secure your machines, you’re risking fines, damage to the machine, injury or worse.
Having too few straps and tie-downs is a mistake, but so is overlooking worn out and damaged ones. Replacing chains and binders is a smart move and replacing them this month is even smarter because we’re knocking 20% OFF all transportation accessories. Continue reading

Parts Special: Take 15% OFF New Holland Oil

Parts Department_New Holland Oil At Martin Implement

Take 15% off New Holland brand oil through May 31, 2016

For May, our Parts Department is giving 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy at least 10 gallons. That includes 15W40 and 10W30 engine oil, Mastertran™ hydraulic oil and more; common types that most of our machines use. We carry these oils in quart and 2.5-gallon containers, and 5-gallon buckets.

With the summer construction season kicking off now is a great time to stock up on oil you’ll need to keep your equipment running smoothly. These oils run in just about every New Holland machine we work with, but be sure to consult your service manual for specific oil requirements. If you’re still not sure, just ask! Our parts team loves questions, and they’re here to help you!

*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program through May 31st, 2016

Parts Special: 15% OFF Cold Weather Equipment Essentials

Washer fluid, anti-freeze, fuel additive, fuel line dryer, engine block heater

These basic additives are miracle workers when the temp drops

It’s back to work here in the parts department. If you have New Year’s resolutions on your list to save money and increase healthy habits, we’re making it easy for you, at least for your fleet.
In the parts department, we’re offering 15% OFF cold weather essentials. So stocking up now with the healthy stuff your machine needs is going to save you more than just the headache of a machine down – it’s going to save you cold hard cash. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF New Holland Brand Oil

Not sure which oil is best for your machine? We’ve got options and a trained staff to help you get the right stuff.

We’ve hit on the benefits of preventative maintenance before because of its importance. Well, you know what’s super important in a maintenance plan? OIL! And lots of it. Quality OEM oil is the best stuff you can give your machine as you prep for the spring and summer rush, and we’ve got it by the bucket load. For the month of May, we’re also giving you 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy at least 10 gallons.

Oil is the lifeblood of your machine so don’t skip on quality. Questions about the type of oil you need? Both our Parts and Service departments will be glad to help you, whether you plan on doing the oil change with us or in your shop. If you’re the DIY type, keep in mind that we can take back your used oil and properly dispose of it.

Give us a call with any questions or stop into any of our stores and stock up on oil while the getting’s good!

*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program