Fall Lawn Care Tips: Aerating, Seeding and Top Dressing

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It might sound crazy to be thinking about cold weather in early August, but getting your fall lawn care planned out now means you can sit back and relax when the leaves turn and football is on the TV. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to aerating and re-seeding your lawn, so we thought we’d try and help you decide which is best for you.

Late August and early September are the best times of the year to aerate and re-seed your lawn because the temperature is just right and the moisture level is perfect for seed germination.  If you do a little prep now, your grass is going to thank you later by coming back green and healthy next spring.

There are three common things that you can do to get your lawn in top shape right now: aeration, overseeding and top-dressing.  Each method  has its own benefits and when they’re combined the results are top-notch. Continue reading

Rent It: 3-Point Seeders

Late Summer / early Fall is the best time of year to overseed your lawn.  It’s a time when the heat cools off, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage seed germination.  Take a look at your lawn – is it looking as full as you’d like it to?  Not everyone needs to overseed, as we discussed in our article on the finer points of overseeding.  In fact, you may only need to overseed your lawn once every few years.  With this extra-hot Summer, though, more and more people are looking to give their lawn a little extra care. Continue reading

A How-To (and Why) on Overseeding

Is your lawn this full?
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How’s your lawn looking these days?  It seems like the answer for a lot of us is “not so good”.  We’ve had some rain lately, but the drought that struck the Midwest this summer took a lasting toll on a lot of grass in the area.  The dying or dead lawns you may be coming across serve as a reminder that your lawn is a living thing that needs to be revitalized from time to time.  Watering and fertilizer help, but every few years or so you should seriously consider re-seeding your lawn.

Overseeding is a simple process that’s often overlooked.  Grass wears out over time, just like the rest of us, and it needs some extra care as it ages.  With a few simple steps, seeding can help you regain a dense, healthy lawn that looks like new.  So where do you start? Continue reading