$99 Mower Maintenance Inspection

It’s time to get your mower up and running, but before you send it out into the field you’d better get it in the shop.  If your mower has been sitting all winter it’s going to need tuning up and our $99 maintenance inspection is an easy way to get a complete check of your machine.  We’ll look the whole thing over and give you a checklist of what needs to be repaired or replaced.  It’s a great way find out if your mower is ready to go or needs a little TLC before the mowing season.

Check out what’s included in the inspection (hint, it’s a lot):

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Don’t Miss Our Grasshopper Mower Training Session!

Join us for a maintenance and operator safety seminar

To kick off the spring mowing season our Orland Park store will be hosting a Grasshopper training session on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013.  Here’s a chance to learn from Grasshopper’s own Jeff White, our regional sales rep, and Don Hassalman, Grasshopper’s service coordinator. Continue reading