Just In: Kubota KX018 Mini-Excavator

The KX018 Mini-Excavator: New from Kubota

Just in time for our Kubota Dealer Days open house, we’ve got a brand new Kubota KX018 mini-excavator to show off.  This machine is one of Kubota’s newest additions to their fleet and for fans of the KX41, this will be a new take on a familiar machine. Continue reading

Mine-X Air-Purifier Mufflers

Working indoors with heavy machinery requires extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of those working in the area.  Adding a purifier muffler to a machine can be the perfect solution to that problem.  Never used a purifier muffler before?  Here’s the rundown:

How a DCL Muffler Works

A Mine-X muffler converts toxic chemicals into Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor

Continue reading

Rent It: Kubota Mini-Excavators

Kubota Mini-ExcavatorWe just added two brand new Kubota mini-excavators to the rental fleet!  Now you can rent a low-hour KX057 or KX41-3 at our affordable rental rates.  Kubota excavators are some of the most reliable and easy-to-use on the market, so talk to our rental department and find out for yourself! Continue reading