Parts Special: 20% OFF a Complete Set of New Holland Filters

Construction equipment filters

Get the full set and get money back © CNH Media Collective

April is here, and that means spring maintenance! Those wheel loaders and skid steers have run all winter, and you can be sure the filters took a beating. If you’ve kept up with the scheduled maintenance (and you wouldn’t skip on that now, would you?), then you know any extra winter hours put on the machine have bumped up the service schedule.

Lucky for you right now is the perfect time to stock up on replacement filters because for the month of April we’re knocking 20% OFF the price of a complete set of New Holland filters. This goes for any piece of New Holland equipment, so we’re talking skid steers, compact track loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, excavators – you name it! Get stocked, save money and get set for spring.

Offer expires April 30th, 2017.  Contact the store nearest you to order!

Parts Special: 15% OFF on New Holland Oil

oilgrease-05001Any equipment owner knows the importance of fresh oil for their machine. Oil is what makes your machine run smoothly at peak performance, so keeping up with scheduled oil changes is always critical. Through the month of November, our Parts Department is helping machine owners out by giving 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy at least 10 gallons. Continue reading

Parts Special: Safety Apparel Up to 10% Off Starts Now!

Majestic Safety Apparel Photo

The Safety Parka Keeps the Crew Warm, Dry and Seen on the Job.

This month we’ve got discounts on essential safety gear: this means everything from reflector vests all the way up to bomber jackets. It’s the time of year where we’re getting low light on the job even earlier. And maintenance crews and emergency personnel need to be visible, so don’t skip on safety. If you buy now you’ll save 5% on any order, and if you spend over $130 you save 10%. Continue reading

Rental Special: Take 10% OFF a FINN Hydroseeder Rental

Hydroseeding is the most efficient way to seed

Looking to rent a FINN hydroseeder? Need some material for the job? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. In September and October if you buy FINN mulch and additives with us for your next project, you can get 10% OFF the rental of a T75, T90 or T120*. Continue reading

Parts Special: 20% OFF a Complete Set of New Holland Filters

Construction equipment filters

Bulk up with the full set and save © CNH Media Collective

It’s nearly fall, and we’ve got at least one baseball team in contention. If we’re talking baseball playoffs, that means winter is on its way. So wouldn’t it be great to bulk up NOW on filters and get all you need to be set past fall? From NOW until September 30th, 2016 you can get 20% OFF a complete set of New Holland filters from our Parts Department. Having the whole set means you can cruise through scheduled maintenance without losing a step, just like one of our teams cruised through their season. And please, don’t take shortcuts with your filters, a down machine isn’t making you any money, and a broken machine is doing much worse than that. Continue reading

Bring Your Machine In for Service and Get 25% OFF a Replacement Rental

Orland Park’s Rental Department (Cathy Lewis & Bob Novak)

How many machines do you have out in the field that you KNOW need maintenance? It happens all the time – when a job comes up you just can’t afford to be down a machine.  It’s understandable, but you know in the back of your mind you’re pushing your luck by skipping scheduled maintenance, or worse, obvious repair needs. That’s why our Rental and Service Departments have teamed up to offer a 25% discount on a replacement rental while your machine is in our shop! Continue reading

Rental Special: 10% OFF a FINN Bark Blower Rental

The FINN bark blower makes big jobs seem like a walk in the park

For the months of May and June, we’re knocking 10% off the price of a bark blower rental. Bark blowers are great tools for many different applications, from landscape installations to erosion control (when used with a filtration sock). The boost in productivity from using a blower can’t be denied, either – it beats a wheelbarrow and shovel any day of the week.

Renting a machine is a smart way to try it out. Not everyone wants to make the capital investment of purchase, so this is a chance for you to see for yourself how the machine performs out in the field. We’ve got different sized bark blowers in our fleet, including the BB302 with a 1.5 cubic yard hopper and the BB5-Series with a full five cubic yard hopper. Call us today to schedule your rental! Our rental rates are online, or you can view/download our Rental Guide.

Offer ends June 30th, 2016.

Parts Special: 15% OFF Cold Weather Equipment Essentials

Washer fluid, anti-freeze, fuel additive, fuel line dryer, engine block heater

These basic additives are miracle workers when the temp drops

It’s back to work here in the parts department. If you have New Year’s resolutions on your list to save money and increase healthy habits, we’re making it easy for you, at least for your fleet.
In the parts department, we’re offering 15% OFF cold weather essentials. So stocking up now with the healthy stuff your machine needs is going to save you more than just the headache of a machine down – it’s going to save you cold hard cash. Continue reading

Join us at the SIMA Show & Save on New Holland & Snow Wolf Equipment

Screenshot 2015-06-17 18.22.30_NH SIMA

Visit Booth #716 Image © New Holland

If you’re heading to the SIMA Symposium next week be sure to stop by the New Holland and Snow Wolf booths to say hey! We’ll be on the scene with the New Holland and Snow Wolf crews showing off the latest and greatest offerings.

You’ll want to pre-register with New Holland here and get your SIMA show coupons now for up to $2,000 off New Holland equipment or do it at the show. The offer is good for $250 off Boomer and Workmaster tractors, $1,000 off skid steers, track loaders and compact excavators and $2,000 off backhoes, tractor loaders and compact wheel loaders!* See the new L228 skid steer at the booth!

Screenshot 2015-06-18 09.21.24

Visit Booth #1106 at the SIMA show

New Holland and Snow Wolf are two leaders in the snow scene. Make sure and download Snow Wolf discount coupons for hundreds of dollars off our low prices on the most popular models. Redeem your coupons at one of our three locations now or at the SIMA show Snow Wolf booth #1106 before June 27th, 2015. Continue reading

Parts Special: 15% OFF New Holland Brand Oil

Not sure which oil is best for your machine? We’ve got options and a trained staff to help you get the right stuff.

We’ve hit on the benefits of preventative maintenance before because of its importance. Well, you know what’s super important in a maintenance plan? OIL! And lots of it. Quality OEM oil is the best stuff you can give your machine as you prep for the spring and summer rush, and we’ve got it by the bucket load. For the month of May, we’re also giving you 15% OFF New Holland brand engine and hydraulic oil when you buy at least 10 gallons.

Oil is the lifeblood of your machine so don’t skip on quality. Questions about the type of oil you need? Both our Parts and Service departments will be glad to help you, whether you plan on doing the oil change with us or in your shop. If you’re the DIY type, keep in mind that we can take back your used oil and properly dispose of it.

Give us a call with any questions or stop into any of our stores and stock up on oil while the getting’s good!

*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program