Product Spotlight: SnowWolf Ultra Snow Blower (Video)

We want to show you the SnowWolf Ultra snow-blower in action after one of our recent snowfalls. It’s on a New Holland L230 Skid Steer that’s equipped with SnowWolf WolfPaw tires. The snow-blower is part of a sweet suite of tools our customer uses to handle snow removal in the lots and pathways of their large corporate headquarters.

You’ll see the 84 inch Ultra Snow-blower here on a high flow skid steer, but the blower suits tractors, wheel loaders or municipal sidewalk machines, and there are different widths. The snow-blower has an open ribbon design, which you’ll see increases the output. The steel auger chews up ice and hard snow piles easily. All functions are protected by hydraulic relief valves so you won’t see any clutches, shear pins or gearboxes.

Not every snow pile requires a snow-blower. For other jobs, their go-to toolset is their Ultra 9 foot snow blade with the FastTach snow pusher kit. The FastTach snow pusher kit is versatile in that it allows them to change the blade quickly into a pusher. They want to reduce the use of salt, so in some cases, like in pathways where people walk, they break out the Sweepster hydraulic angle broom after plowing, or they use the broom directly on pavers. Questions about SnowWolf or New Holland equipment? Give us a call.

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