Wright Commercial Products No Payment for 4 Months and 0% Interest Promo

ne_wrightWright Commercial Products announced their latest finance offer. They are giving no payment for four months, no interest for 90 days FOLLOWED BY 0% financing for 48 months*.

That’s a bunch of time before your first payment is due, which should keep the cash flow where you want it. How does it work? You’re a landscape contractor financing eligible equipment on February 1st with the 0% for 48 month’s promo. You’ll accrue no interest, and you’ll make no payments until June 1st, and after that you’ll make an additional 47 monthly payments at no interest.

Wright was first in stand-on mowing technology. They have an entire line of Standers which use the stand-on mowing technology and traditional mowers such as mid-mounts and walk-behinds to cover the mower applications your projects meet. Landscapers love ’em because they are fast, compact, rugged and reliable.

If you have any questions on Wright Commercial Products, give us a call.

*Other financing options available, see us for details.
Offer ends March 31st, 2015 

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