FINN 2015 Winter Warm Up Means Large Cash Discounts!

FINN is a world-wide leader in erosion control and landscape equipment and products. We carry their bark blowers, hydroseeders and straw blowers, as well as their mulches & additives.

It’s been freezing outside, but right now you can be proactive and take advantage of a hot deal to get going on your spring season equipment profit earners. Don’t wait for spring when right now you can purchase one of the FINN hydroseeders, straw blowers, or bark blower models listed at left and receive the corresponding immediate cash discount!

It’s EASY to receive your discount! Place your order with your authorized FINN dealer (that’s us) and we’ll  take care of the rest!

bark blower is great for landscape installations, park maintenance and even erosion control (when used with a filtration sock).  It will substantially cut the time and labor necessary to complete your job and what may have taken three days to do with a wheelbarrow and shovel might now take less than a day with a bark blower.  The speed and efficiency of a bark blower can’t be denied.

The straw blower will allow you to save labor and keep busy earning profits with many applications, like seed protection, soil stabilization, mud control, agriculture, erosion control and more. Straw blowers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in way less the time it takes to apply by hand. They accelerate straw mulching, and there are straw blowers to handle projects ranging from small lawns to massive landscaping sites.

FINN has made hydroseeders longer than anyone in the business. Smaller hydroseeders work great for residential projects and small municipal projects like parks and sports fields. Larger commercial seed installations and erosion control on greater acreage are executed more efficiently with the high capacity hydroseeders. A larger tank means less downtime to reload which is going to let you finish the job quicker than ever. Come in or call for details.

Orders must be received before February 28, 2015 and you must accept delivery on or before March 31, 2015.

There is a limit of one cash discount per model purchase.

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