Product Spotlight: Grasshopper Mower & Rotary Broom Combo (Video)

If you pair a Grasshopper mower with a rotary broom to clear snow, you’ll get a clean sweep. Here’s the Grasshopper rotary broom combo on the snow we were happy to receive earlier this week:

The Grasshopper commercial zero turn mowers are known to be ideal for residential mowing and landscape contractors when mowing in, around, and under obstacles where precision is needed. These mowers are versatile for snow removal solutions too, with the right attachment, which means you can get productivity out of your Grasshopper equipment in the winter. Give a shout-out to Grasshopper, the company, too. Grasshopper was selected as the “2014 Company of the Year” by a manufacturing professional society, due, in part, to the manufacturing processes used in their products. We knew they were durable!

Speaking of attachments: a rotary broom is a versatile one that has year-round uses. Our customers use them, from contractors to corporate headquarters. Whether it’s snow in the winter, leaves in the fall or dirt and debris all year-long, they get a lot of use. No matter what the application is, if you hook a rotary broom up to a machine, it beats doing it by hand. You can choose from the 48-inch and 60-inch fixed-angle models, or the 60-inch bidirectional model. The bidirectional model can be adjusted left or right from the operator’s seat or raised and lowered two inches. If you have any questions on mowers or rotary brooms, give us a call or stop by.

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