Parts Special: Safety Apparel Up to 10% Off Starts Now!

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The Safety Parka Keeps the Crew Warm, Dry and Seen on the Job.

This month we’ve got discounts on essential safety gear: this means everything from reflector vests all the way up to bomber jackets. It’s the time of year where we’re getting low light on the job even earlier. And maintenance crews and emergency personnel need to be visible, so don’t skip on safety. If you buy now you’ll save 5% on any order, and if you spend over $130 you save 10%.

Beyond vests and bomber jackets, we’ve got hats, gloves and parkas in the signature road construction green (the hats even come in orange). With sizes from medium to 6XL we’ve for sure got you covered. Both the jacket and the parka are waterproof with elastic cuffs that keep out the cold. The bomber jacket has lots of pockets, including a cell phone pocket, and a removable fleece liner. The parka has a sewn-in polar fleece lining, with detachable hood and sleeves. Now is a good time to outfit your crew; you’ll be glad they’ll be warm and happy.

*Offer ends October 31st, 2016 so get in and get your gear!
*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program

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