Martin Implement Technician Receives STIHL’s MasterWrench Service Certification

STIHL is known for equipment that holds up for the long haul.  Their outdoor power equipment line is maybe the most recognizable in the business, and there’s a reason for that.  That said, even the best equipment needs maintenance now and then, and top-of-the-line equipment deserves top-of-the-line care.  That’s why you take your STIHL equipment to a MasterWrench technician like Jeff Sensor.

Mechanic Working on Stihl String TrimmerJeff completed all 3 levels of training, including the top-level Gold program, to become a certified MasterWrench tech.  He also displayed his ability to not only repair STIHL equipment correctly and efficiently, but also to give customers proper maintenance advice regarding their equipment.  Lastly, Jeff, and the shop in general, showed a professional working environment that allows technicians to properly service STIHL equipment.

We’re proud of Jeff and we’re proud to be a STIHL dealer.  You care about your equipment and so do we, and we’ve got the certificate to prove it!

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