Rent It: FINN Hydroseeders (VIDEO)

‘Tis the season for SEEDING!  Skip the sod and dry-seeding this year and try out a FINN hydroseeder!  Compared to hydroseeding, sod can be expensive and dry-seeding is less effective, so why not try out one of FINN’s impressive models?  At Martin Implement, our rental department offers the T75 and T90 and 120  model seeders. The T75 boasts a 23.5 hp engine and has a liquid capacity of 820 gallons. The T90 has a 35.1 hp engine and a 940 gallon liquid capacity. The T120 has a 35.1 hp engine and an 1,180 gallon liquid capacity.

In need of mulch or other consumables? Guess what? We carry those, too!  Come in, get what you need, and get on your way FAST. We’re your one-stop hydroseeding shop! Check out our website for the latest rental rates:

Watch our T75 in action:

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