Parts Special: 15% OFF Cold Weather Equipment Essentials

Washer fluid, anti-freeze, fuel additive, fuel line dryer, engine block heater

These basic additives are miracle workers when the temp drops

It’s back to work here in the parts department. If you have New Year’s resolutions on your list to save money and increase healthy habits, we’re making it easy for you, at least for your fleet.
In the parts department, we’re offering 15% OFF cold weather essentials. So stocking up now with the healthy stuff your machine needs is going to save you more than just the headache of a machine down – it’s going to save you cold hard cash.

You know that those cold temps are rolling in. We’re giving you savings on the most important (but sometimes overlooked) cold weather items like fuel line anti-freeze, fuel additives, and engine block heaters – not to mention staples like anti-freeze and windshield de-icer. These simple parts are miracle workers when it’s dark, cold, and your snow fleet won’t start, so stock up and know your equipment is in good shape and can handle what the rest of the winter brings.

Don’t wait too long, though – offer is good only while supplies last and expires January 31st, 2016! You can knock one of those resolutions off your list!

*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program

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