2013 – 2014 Midwest Winter Snow Forecast

Accuweather winter forecast for 2013 and 2014

Accuweather is seeing above average snow for Chicago and the surrounding area.  Image © Accuweather.com

Winter seems a lot closer now than it did a few days ago. We saw our first hint of snow yesterday and that got us looking at winter snow forecasts for Chicago and the Midwest.  If you’re in the snow business you’ve been thinking about winter for some time now, but here’s a look at what some weather experts predict for the upcoming season:

Accuweather thinks the Northern Plains and Midwest will be “snowy with blasts of extreme cold”. 

The good old Farmer’s Almanac sees below-average temperatures and above-average precipitation. 

Weather.com has this video, which shows some variability with warm air coming mid-winter followed by cold air coming back in late winter. They think it should make for some interesting snow conditions.

It looks like we might be doing a lot of plowing this winter, and that’s good news.  If you’ve got any questions on snow equipment you can visit our website or give us a call at any of our three Chicagoland locations.  Now get inside and warm up after all this talk about snow!

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