Parts Special: Save When You Buy Machine Grease in Bulk!

Case of New Holland Ambra high temperature grease tube

Grease is extremely vital to your machine. Give it the good stuff.

You like it, so we’ve brought it back! For August, we’re taking up to 15% OFF cases of grease. Grease is one of the most crucial tools for maintenance on your machine, and it’s what keeps all those joints and wear spots running smoothly. Unnecessary wear will lead to real damage over time and could lead you to an expensive repair bill if you’re not careful.

For every 8 hours of use, your machine should get its dose of grease. You’re gonna need grease, so why not buy the quality stuff when you can get it on sale? This month, buy one case of grease and get 10% OFF your purchase and get 15% OFF if you buy two or more. Call our parts department for more information on grease or for any question you have on maintenance or parts. When you have questions, we have answers!

* Offer expires on 8/31/16
*Discount is valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program

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