Grasshopper Financing: No Payments for 120 Days then 0% for 48 Months

Grasshopper – It’s So Much Mower™

Grasshopper’s latest finance offer is giving contractors the opportunity for some smart financing on equipment. A no payment no interest offer (some of them encompassing practically a full season) is a tactical way to own a piece of equipment and keep the cash flowing. Through March 31st, 2015, well-qualified commercial accounts are eligible for no interest for 90 days and no payments for 120 days followed by 0% for 48 months* on new or unused Grasshopper equipment or attachments.

How does that work? You’re a landscape contractor financing eligible equipment on February 1st with the 0% for 48 months promo. You’ll accrue no interest and you’ll make no payments until June 1st, and after that you’ll make an additional 47 monthly payments at no interest.

You can use your Grasshopper mower, with the right attachments like the rotary broom or a snow blade, even in the winter months. That means using the mower now, MONTHS before a payment is due, which would be a low-risk investment. We recently showed the Grasshopper rotary broom in action after a snowfall. Grasshopper front-mount mowers are the best sellers for us from their line, but they do make mid-mounts that appeal to commercial accounts concerned about trailer space. You sacrifice some of the visibility and the ability to mow under low trees and picnic tables, but for some contractors, that’s not an issue.

Recently Grasshopper was named the “2014 Company of the Year” by a manufacturing professional society. Congratulations Grasshopper! If you have any questions on the financing offer details or Grasshopper products, give us a shout.

*Other financing offers are available.
*Non-commercial accounts are still eligible for 0% for 48 months starting from the purchase date (no deferred payment)

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