Ask the Experts: Tractor out of Diesel Fuel

“Sometimes one of my employees will inadvertently run our tractor out of diesel fuel. What steps need to be taken so that we can restart the tractor safely if this happens again?” – Dave

Dave – great question. Some folks think it’s as simple as adding fuel, but it’s not. With a few careful steps, though, you can get your machine safely started up. Keep in mind that all engines are different and please consult your operator’s manual or contact your local dealer with additional questions:


  2. Fill the fuel tank.
  3. Bleed all air from the filter closest to the fuel tank.
  4. Proceed to the next component along the line until you reach the injection pump
  5. Open the injection lines at the injectors a 1/2 turn. Crank the engine at full throttle while watching for fuel at the opened lines. Continue cranking until all bubbles and foam are gone. You should see good pulses of clear fuel coming out of the lines.
  6. Tighten the injector lines.

Note that jumper cables or a battery charger may be necessary. The starter should be allowed to cool down for a few minutes after each 30 second cranking session to prevent starter damage. -Ed

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