Just In: 96 inch Snow Buckets

Skid steer loader with New Holland 96 inch snow bucketWhat’s your favorite way to move snow?  Are you a fan of blades?  Pushers?  Just a plain old loader bucket?  How many of you have tried out a high-capacity snow bucket?  We just got in a shipment of 96 inch heavy-duty snow buckets last week that are ready for action!  We’re talking about a 2.36 cubic yard heaped capacity bucket that fits onto almost any standard skid steer mounting plate.  Add this thing to your snow fleet and you’re in business this Winter!  Just look at the difference between a hi-cap bucket and a standard loader bucket:

Which one is going to save you time and money when a 3 am snow hits?

What else can we say?  A picture’s worth 1000 words!  We’ve got these things stocked at all 3 of our Chicagoland locations, but don’t wait – snow equipment is moving fast these days!

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