No Payments for Four Months Followed by 0% Interest Toro Deal!

Equipment WorldGreen Industry Pros and Pro Landscaper Magazine have great things to say about the Toro Dingo lineup, so maybe you’ve thought about adding a TX 1000 to your fleet. Or you’re saving for a trencher? Or you’ve had your eye on a brush chipper, but the right financing deal came and went. Well, we want you to know Toro has a finance offer that’s happening right now.

For well-qualified contractors, Toro is offering no payments for four months and no interest for three months, FOLLOWED BY 0% for 42 months and zero down*! This offer applies to Toro’s  compact utility equipment line, which includes the newest Dingo machines and their many attachments, walk-behind trenchers, stump grinders and MORE!

Here’s how it works: You’re a contractor financing Toro equipment on August 25th using the above promo. You’ll accrue no interest and make no payments until December. After then you’ll make an additional 41 monthly payments at no interest.

Think about it; you can buy now and not make a single payment til it’s almost winter! Then pay no interest for almost four years after that! Your equipment can be making you money, helping pay for itself before the bill even arrives. Keep this in mind and give us a call.

*Offer ends October 31st, 2017. Commercial use customers only.
Other financing options are available.

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